Unique Advantage

Comprehensive Solutions All Under One Roof

We Focus On What Matters

We manage the brand

We invest time to understand your business, your brand and your culture. As we rightly believe the words of Mathew Jeffrey “Recruitment IS Marketing. If you are a Recruiter and you don’t see yourself as a Marketer, you are in the wrong profession”.

We dig deep

We provide granularity on organization structure: roles, accountabilities, decision rights, rewards, the competencies you need in your people and how to drive behavior change. On our Talent Acquisition assignments we thoroughly understand the job specifications, the reporting structures and the expectation from the position

We're collaborative

We build the solution with you so everyone feels they have a stake in its success. Our aim is to create a win –win for our clients and the potential hires.

We stay focused

We share frequent updates with clients, have strict SLAs at every stage of the process and a dedicated team which works on the assignment with a SPOC for each client.

We have global scale and local knowledge

With placements closed in Tokyo, London, Africa, Singapore and Middle East, we have been successful in using our expertise across geographies.

We'll see it through to the end

We don't just provide a blueprint for success, we support and hand hold organizations in complete execution of process and till they generate value out of it.